Sharpe Medical Consultants

2021 E&M Full Implementation

Training is just the beginning

  • E&M content built directly into Cerner ambulatory workflow
  • Training built directly into Cerner ambulatory workflow
  • E&M decision tool built directly into Cerner ambulatory workflow
  • Output Standardized documentation


SharpeMed is a leader in Health Care IT Solutions

The Convergence of Heath Care & Technology

What makes SharpeMed unique is that our clinical and technical teams are as tightly integrated like a strand of DNA, allowing us to rapidly deliver services and products at the point of care that are effective and well received by clinicians and patients.

SharpeMed is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) Certified company.

Cerner Support Services

SharpeMed specializes in optimizing the electronic medical record (EMR) application for Cerner. Our team analyzes evidenced-based practice and policy, integrates these into EMR applications through content configuration, develops training curriculum and provides full scope end-user training. This integrated process increases the effectiveness of clinicians thereby improving patient outcomes.

Information Technology

We create software and technology systems that make user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) as equally important as functionality. Saving minutes per each patient encounter is invaluable – so the marriage of clinical and technology knowledge sets our programming and development apart from the rest. Our IT team also shares hundreds of years of combined experince in software systems, database design, application development, web-based technologies, apps, and more.

Health Care

Our team of clinicians has hundreds of years of combined experience in settings such as the DoD, VA, civilian healthcare and humanitarian assistance. Our team is comprised of physicians, physician assistants, nurses and medical technicians from a variety of specialty areas. This vast clinical experience has made the difference in our ability to integrate with our technical team to streamline the requirements process and deliver products with enhanced usability at the point of care.


Clinical SMEs

Our Clinical SMEs have helped several organizations integrate these clinical tools into the current IT systems and helped develop innovative platforms for clinical care.

Organizational Change Management

Our dedicated experts understand clinical care from first hand experience and can analyze your current workflows and IT platforms and develop simplified methods to improve productivity and increased compliance with clinical practice guidelines.

Healthcare IT Training

Our training team has developed full curricula for our custom products as well as designing clinician friendly training for third party products to increase user adoption.

Medical Staffing

Our staffing network include physicians, nurses and other clinicians with the highest integrity and care for humanity.

Cerner Consulting

With our team of experienced clinicians and knowledge of the Cerner application, our team can deliver solutions specific to your requirements whether they are simple or complex.

Cerner Clinical Content Packages

Our team has developed clinical content packages for many specialties and have worked alongside our clients to implement the solutions that ultimately empower your organization in providing the best care possible.