Sharpe Medical Consultants

Clinical Health Care Support Services

Cerner Consulting

Our team of clinicians has hundreds of years of combined experience in settings such as the DoD, VA, civilian healthcare and humanitarian assistance. Our team is comprised of physicians, physician assistants, nurses and medical technicians from a variety of specialty areas. This vast clinical experience has made the difference in our ability to integrate with our technical team to streamline the requirements process and deliver products with enhanced usability at the point of care. Our solutions have been proven to increase productivity, increase quality of care and improve compliance with regulatory measures. Click here to see how our experts can help your organization.

Cerner Clinical Content Packages

Configuration of  Health Care IT applications to increase clinical effectiveness and reduce clinician workload is a core technical strength of ours. Through our experience of integrating evidence-based content and configuring multiple tool sets within Cerner we have developed Clinical Content Packages that integrate clinical practice guidelines into the Cerner platform’s inherent tools. Click here for more information on our Cerner Clinical Content Packages.

Clinical Subject Matter Experts

Clinical practice guidelines and pathways are excellent resources but are rarely found in health IT tools. Our Clinical SMEs have helped several organizations integrate these clinical tools into the current IT systems and helped develop innovative platforms for clinical care. Whether it is strategic health care planning or clinical content management, see how our Experts can help your organization.

Organizational Change Management

Implementing new business processes or IT platforms is always a challenge. Our dedicated Experts understand clinical care from their first hand experience as providers, nurses and technicians. Our Experts can analyze your current workflows and IT platforms and develop simplified methods to improve productivity and increase compliance with clinical practice guidelines.

Health IT Training

Once clinical content has been chosen, tools have been developed, and change management formalized; curricula must be developed and training accomplished. Our team has developed full curricula for our custom products as well as designing clinician friendly training for third party products to increase user adoption. Without high quality training, even the best software will not achieve its potential.

Medical Staffing Services

From our work developing tools for refugee care, SharpeMed has developed relationships with many clinical organizations. The members of these organizations include physicians, nurses and other clinicians. If your organization requires staffing of highly motivated clinicians with the highest of integrity and care for humanity, then Sharpe can match your needs with the right personnel.