Sharpe Medical Consultants

2021 E&M Full Implementation


  • Saves Time

  • Training of the E&M content in the context of workflow

  • Standardized coding decision making

  • Standardized documentation

  • Increased compliance and ease of audits

E&M Content Built into Cerner Workflow

  • Configuration in Cerner

  • Built into the Ambulatory Workflow M-Page

  • Simple to use decision tool

  • Provider documentation is a by-product of using the decision tool

  • Training information and videos integrated into the workflow


  • Decision Tool within Cerner

  • Training on the 2021 E&M changes and how to use the tools to determine and document level of coding

  • Content and workflow trained together

  • Focused training on most common scenarios

  • Access to full training resources by AMA from inside the workflow

  • Optional Webinars/Live training available

E&M Decision Tool

  • Quickly determine accurate E&M level based on Medical Decision Making (MDM) or Time

  • Provide clinical decision support and education in context of workflow

  • Standard note output

Standardized Documentation

  • E&M decision tool note output supports E&M level for coding and billing purposes

  • Enterprise-wide autotext provides standard note output for those who do not need decision support

  • Uniformity of E&M documentation across the enterprise