Sharpe Medical Consultants

Behavioral Health Expertise

“A 14-year-old girl walked into a primary care clinic in Florida for a refill of her allergy medication. The technician checked her in according to the simplified and standardized Tri-Service Workflow, which includes a screening for a major depressive disorder. The patient was positive on that screening. The technician knew exactly what to do and went through the full diagnostic criteria for major depressive disorder, which is built into the workflow. She was maxed out on all of her criteria and she was actively suicidal. The medical technician asked the patient what was going on and she replied, ‘One of my friends killed herself two months ago and I have been feeling like killing myself.’ The technician asked who she told about this and she responded ‘Nobody.’ The medical technician was able to deliver the entire history to the provider and the patient was transferred to the psychiatric hospital that day.” — Lt. Col. Charles Motsinger: Chief, Division of Workflow Management and Business Process Reengineering; Air Force Medical Support Agency (AFMSA), U.S. Air Force Medical Service.

We go to work everyday because of stories like this. It is our goal to empower clinicians with the tools they need to provide the best evidenced-based care.

While our team has experience in over 13 specialty areas, we posses unique capabilities in the area of behavioral health. Guided by our CMO, who is a board certified Psychiatrist and Distinguished Fellow of the American psychiatric Association, our team has contributed to multiple projects and programs for mental health. When several vendors working for the National Intrepid Center of Excellence for posttraumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injury were unsuccessful in building a clinical and research documentation platform, SharpeMed’s consultants delivered effective and efficient workflow products that saved the military $70 million. The military’s Tri-Service Workflow behavioral health platform that is used every day across the multiple treatment facilities is another product that was developed and trained by the SharpeMed Consulting team. The only behavioral health EMR with evidence-based medicine workflows and the DSM-V integrated into the software (EvEMR) was powered by our expertise. Our medical coding subject matter experts created the simplest and E&M app “EVCoder” for behavioral health.